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If you found this this page, the family blog was suspended from November 2007.

We celebrated Angela's birthday at the end of August at Center Parcs with a wonderful family weekend which included the usual sporting activities, fishing, golf, badminton, bowling and the like. Jean and I then went on to Cambridge to have a nostalgic reunion lunch at Sheffield with some old University pals.
We went up to Kit's lovely new house in Olton with Peter,Linda and Hannah at the end of July and enjoyed a lunch with Kit & Jo plus most of their family
Jean's new hip operation on May 1st has been a great success. She completed her first 19 hole game of golf in early August where we came joint second in the Married Couple Foursomes (third on countback). She had returned from hospital on Saturday 5th May and she had a 6 week convalescence period while she instructed Roger in how to do all the chores!
The original problem occurred in early January so she could not play golf on our usual Portugal holiday in February. She managed to enjoy a family lunch on her birthday, however, followed by a trip to the Albert Hall to see 'Madame Butterfly' in the evening. We then went off on a short cruise to Iberia. The weather was cool but the sea was relatively calm..


Christmas Day was hosted by Jean (and a bit of Roger) this year with Clare back from Cairo, Angela and the grand children. 'Chase the Ace' and 'Cotton Reels' went well with the younger generation. We had a nice lunch in Reigate on Boxing Day, delivering Jean's Clio to nephew James. Pete and Linda were in Sweden, Kit and Jo in Kuwait. We Mortons get about!.

A lovely summer is now well past and we have had a few trips to report; a long weekend with the band to Cornwall, a golf week with Kit's friends based in a French Chateau, Roger's usual visit to Pas de Calais with his Epsom friends at the end of September and a cruise to Italy in October. Linda has regained her strength and baby Hannah is growing up fast. We are very fortunate indeed!

Our July Med trip on Fred Olsen's new ship 'Boudicca' was a great success. The weather there was cooler than in England! Afternoon working sessions were not too well attended as bridge players sunned themselves out on deck, so we had a relatively easy sea. The highlight of the cruise was the delighful northern Italian seaside town, Portofino.

Congratulations to Peter and Linda on the birth of Hannah Rose at 1.00 am on Sunday 25th June 2006 at Epsom Hospital. Wonderful news! Linda had a tough time but mother and baby are now doing fine. See the photo page for pics. On the same day, Dominic had his first Communion Mass at Carshalton Beeches. Well done Dom! We then enjoyed a family luch at Litchfield Road, finishing in time to watch England's victory in the World Cup!. What a day! It was also lovely to have Clare with us on a flying visit from Cairo.

In February we enjoyed Jean's birthday in South Carolina with some golf pals - a great trip apart from a seven hour delay at the airport waiting for a new plane. Pictures. And we joined the Kenny's for a short golf break to Portugal in May.

Roger had his third "hole in one" recently to conclude a Seniors match for the club.

Clare is now working in Cairo on a new project for her company and we hope to get out to see her sometime, probably in the Autumn.

Pete and Linda are supervising major changes to their house in Chipstead and looking forward to the big event. The baby is due on June 20th.

Easter was fairly quiet; hot cross buns with all the family on Good Friday, Sunday dinner with Pete and Linda and a game of golf at West Hill on Bank Holiday Monday. And we took the children to Hampton Court earlier in the week.


Christmas Day 2005 was a day to remember. The whole family joined us and Jean did a superb job catering for ten at lunch. The children were on great form. Zoe was the main games winner, (with a little help from her Mum). Wonderful!

Roger's Bridge went well in 2005. The team won 6 rounds of the Gold Cup, the British National Championship, losing by a narrow margin in the Quarter Finals. The best result in 40 years of trying!

Having returned from a Canada 'working' cruise, winter is upon us. We had two short summer breaks, one in Devon where we saw the Haddens and the Millars. The second was a nostalgic trip to Berne.The sun was shining and we had forgotten just how beautiful Switzerland can be.

Clare and the Leys visited Disneyword in Paris and the children had a marvellous time. Click here for a few of Clare's pictures.

Clare celebrated her 40th birthday in June and we had a lovely time at her party in Cambridge on the 25th. Photos
The Wedding

Well what a day we all had at Peter and Linda's wedding in Sweden at the end of May! The warmth of the Swedish people, the lovely weather, a beautiful church, a reception in a King's Palace, a top class meal, beautiful bride and bridesmaids. I could go on and on with superlatives! Well done Peter and Linda and her family and friends and we wish you both every happiness for the future. It was an unforgettable day.
Click for Picture Selection and, for broadband Video (31 megs wmv file). Higher quality DVD available on request!
Time raced on and Easter went very quickly! We now have a new great neice. Ann Robertson (Jean's Brother's wife) writes,
"Here is a picture of the latest addition to the family - Evelyn (Evie) Katie - to be pronounced Evelyn, the correct spelling of which is yet to be determined! She was born in Exeter at 7.10pm on Saturday 26th March and weighed 7lbs. She was two weeks late but worth waiting for!" Wonderful news
The trip to Portugal in February was a great success, although the standard of our golf was poor with slick green and championship length holes.


We had a lovely Christmas day at Angela's. Clare had flown in from the middle East. The children were on great form. Peter was in Sweden with Linda's family. We had our turkey at Banstead Road South on New Year's Day.

The trip to Egypt and the Med on the Black Prince was successful. A good Cruise, but not as warm as hoped! We had a good crowd and got lots of plaudits from the passengers on the bridge organization.
We suffered the midnight bus and ferry trip to Trouville in France for the August Bank Holiday weekend with the Crystal Palace Band. When we got there we had a very good time.There was some rain but we did manage two concerts which went very well and we enjoyed the up-market french seaside resorts, good food and wine. Broadband users with Windows Media Player can see very crude video renderings of Singin in the Rain (14 megs WMV file) and Instant Concert (11.7.megs WMV file). Jean and I are learning how to use the 'Ruby Present' camcorder. And Jean took another video of 'Birdland' (19.2.megs WMV file) at Canterbury on 12th September. I think I need a microphone for Christmas!
Center Parcs, earlier in August was a wonderful family weekend with activities for all, not least fishing (Mark and Dom), badminton (Linda and Pete), golf (Pete and Roger), bowling (all), cycling (the children), walking (all), pedicure (Linda) and lots more. Zoe liked it so much, she wants to live there! Then, to complete the Ruby Wedding celebrations, Jean and I went off to Southwold. Many thanks to Clare, Pete and Angela for choosing such a lovely historic hotel in a charming little traditional seaside town. And a particular thank you to Clare for making the detailed arrangements. It was a nostalgic trip for Jean as the Robertsons used to go there for their family holidays in the 50's. And we called in at two of Auntie Vera's cottages on the way home. One was for sale at 450,000! See the photo page for pictures

Thanks to all those who came to celebrate our Ruby Wedding party on Sunday 20th June 2004, exactly 40 years later to the day. At 3.30 in the afternoon we thought it would be a wash-out but fortunately the rain did stay away. Jean and I certainly had a fabulous time. We particularly enjoyed the cabaret and the children's contribution! Graham has taken some lovely photos. Thanks also for all your generous presents.
If you missed it, click for the 'Guess the Year' Quiz! Well done Ian for your photographic memory, only one wrong. Well done to Gerry on the putting. And thanks to Andrew Lipscombe for arranging the band.


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