London Championship Teams Final 2001.

There were only a few double figure swings (6 in total). Here are a couple of slam hands which contributed to Hill's victory
Firstly Board 23, where Hill bid one, missed by Payn.
Morton Ould
A Q 9 x K x x 1© 2©
© A K 10 x x © Q x x 2 4©
A Q x 10 x 6© Pass
10 A 9 x x x
Spades were 4/2 but the diamond K was well placed and hearts broke 3/2 so the slam came in for 13 imps.

Secondly, board 48 where Hill avoided one, bid by Payn.
Morton Ould
J x x A K 10 x x 1
© Q x x © A x x x 2 2©
A K x x x x 4 Pass
Q J x A K
The final pass was after some thought but Ould knew the partnership goes through 4th suit with 'extras'. Payn punted 6, a fair shot, but the Q spades and King Jack of hearts had to be lost so only 10 tricks were available. A 10 IMP swing on the final board. The final margin was 8!

One amusing incident in the final set, board 43 . Against Burn and Callaghan, Morton opened 1NT weak. Ould Bid 2 spades which was alerted. Callaghan asked what it meant and was told it was a 2 suited slam try or other specific game forcing hands. This was doubled, presumably for a spade lead, and Morton obediently rebid 2NT to allow Ould to describe his big hand. Then to his horror, he now saw Burn's original double card on his left! Burn had doubled the opening 1NT! After a swift retreat to 3 spades doubled with S K Q x, the defence was not card perfect, and the result, at -300, was a flat board!. This error could have lost Hill the match.