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Competition News

Gold Cup- British National Teams Knock Out Championship

2009 Lost to Waterlow.Hackett etc. 4th Round
2008 Won Round 3 Beating last year's losing finalists. Lost in Round 5 (last 16).to Collins
2007 Won Round 3 - Lost in Round 4
2006 Won Round 1, Bye round 2, Won Round 3, Lost in round 4 to a top seed (Price, Armstrong etc)
2005 Won First 6 Rounds - Played in the Quarter Final for the first time in over 40 years!
Lost by 9 IMPS after being 39 up at board 40!

Lost in Round 4

2003 We beat the number 6 seed, Crook, Sharp, McNiff, Kirby, Sowter by 67 IMPS in the 5th round!
But we lost in the 6th (last 16) by 24 IMPs to a Scottish team
2002 We Lost in the 5th round to a seed on 3rd July 2002 by a single IMP over 48 hands!!!
(equivalent to just one overtrick)
The core of the winning team contained the Tredinnick twins, Calderwood, Shek

Crockfords Cup - English National Teams Knock Out Championship

2009/2010 Lost in Round 1, Dickson off sick so not our best performance!
2008/2009 Lost in Round 2, careless!
2007/2008 Won Round 2, lost in round 3 after being 27 up going into the final snanza!
2006/2007 Lost in Round 3 to Jagger of Cambridge, a comedy of errors!
2005/2006 Lost in Round 2 to the team that beat us in the Gold Cup Quarters
2004/2005 Disaster, Lost in first round! But battled through 6 rounds to win the Crockfords Plate!
2003/2004 The captain forgot to enter!.
2002/2003 Lost in the second round.
2001/2002 We won four rounds and got to the last 16 but lost to a good team who played better on the day. Two hands were critical. Click to see one

National Pairs 2002

Roger won the 2002 Mayfield qualifying heat with John Frosztega
We went on to qualify for the final at the regional semi in Leatherhead.
At the national finals at Coventry on April 11th/12th we came about halfway down the field,

Club News

Roger won the Club Championship Pairs, Club Teams, Mens Pairs and Pro-Am Pairs for 2005
Click for pictures of the Mayfield Bridge Club Christmas Parties 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005

London County Teams of Four

2006/2007 Third place in the Multiple Teams Qualifier
2004/2005 Lost to Burn, Callaghan, Payn and Cliffe in the final
2003/2004 Lost to Burn, Callaghan, Payn and Cliffe in the final
2002/2003 Lost to Burn, Callaghan, Payn and Cliffe in the final
2001/2002 Lost in the semifinal

We had a great win beating Burn, Callaghan, King and Payn by 8 match points in the final over 48 boards. (Burn and Callaghan played for England coming 4th in the recent world championships).
Click for a couple of hands
The team (3 of us from the BP bridge club) went on to represent London in the 'Pachabo', the National County Teams weekend competition at West Bromich on 9th/10th June.London had a fine start taking a big early lead and remaining in first place until lunch on the second day. After a bad match against second placed Warwickshire, some further silly errors were made against other teams on Sunday afternoon and London finally dropped to 4th place, just in the prizes. A creditable performance but it could have been so much better. A match report is published on the London County site.
Team Michael Hill, Ian Gardiner, David Ould, Roger Morton
Final placings. (33 counties played)

1. Leics 202 2. Warwks 202 3. Surrey 198.5 4. London 194.5 5. Kent 189 6. Hants 188.5


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