St Peter greets 3 men about to enter the pearly gates and he says-.
"You will need wheels to get around inside, but before I assign you a grade of vehicle, I need answers to a question. Have you ever been unfaithful to your wife"

The first man answers " No, never looked at another woman during my whole life". St Peter checked this out on the computer. "Well done", he said, "You can have the Jag"

The second Man answers "Well I did have a flirtation with a woman when I was very young, but it was only once." St Peter again checked this out on the computer. "Very good,", he said, "You can have the Mini"

The third man answers "Sorry but my wife and I did not get on too well and I had many affairs during my life." St Peter says, "At least you are honest. .Bad luck, take the scooter"

So in they went and collected their transport.

Some days later, the man on the scooter bumps into the man with the jag. "Lovely car", he says," How is it all going?"
"The car is very smooth" he replies. The only trouble is, I have just met my wife riding along on a skateboard!"