The Puzzled Landlord

A quiet man, Paddy, came into the Green Man at 8.00 every evening on his own. He would order 3 pints, drank them slowly one at a time and leave quietly about an hour and a half later. After a few weeks of this, the landlord got curious and asked Paddy about the strange routine. "Ah well, you see, I have a pint for my brother in Cork, a pint for my father in Dublin and one for myself here in London."

None of my business, thought the landlord but one day, Paddy started ordering only two pints and he could not contain his curiosity. Expecting the worst, the landlord asked about the family's health in Ireland. "Fine" said Paddy. "Oh Good" replied the landlord, "I thought maybe your father had passed away as you were only drinking two pints." "Not at all" Paddy retorted, " I've only just recently given up drinking myself!"